Meat eaters have a heart – attack, from vegans – stroke. A new study

У мясоедов - инфаркт, у веганов - инсульт. Новое исследование

The main principle of a healthy diet: variety

Scientists almost 20 years monitored the health of 48 thousand people, but found no difference in mortality between those who eat meat, and who refused it.

Scientists have conducted extensive long-term study, which showed that the diet of vegans and vegetarians reduce the risk of heart disease, but increase the risk of stroke. While overall mortality rates for vegetarians and meat eaters are exactly the same. Корреспондент.net tells details.


The main principle of healthy eating remains the same

In a large-scale study, which lasted 18 years, the researchers observed the diet and lifestyle 48 thousand people. The results published in the British medical journal.

In a study of the Oxford physicians were attended by 16 thousand vegetarians, including vegans (they had to merge with vegetarians because of the small numbers); 7.5 thousand pescetarian – that is, people who consume fish but not meat; 24 thousand people who eat meat.

In addition, taking into account the history of diseases, addiction to Smoking and physical activity of study participants.

Chocolate, coffee, beer. What else will destroy the warming

In total there were 2820 cases of cardiovascular diseases and 1072 cases of stroke.

Among pescetarians the risk of developing cardiovascular disease was 13 percent less than meat eaters, and vegans and vegetarians – 22 percent less. But the stroke risk was 20 percent higher.

Propensity for stroke among people who consume only plant foods, scientists tend to associate with low levels of vitamin B12, which is rich meat and dairy products. This vitamin is important for blood circulation and nervous system.

It should also be noted that the strokes in the world occur three times less often than heart attacks and other heart diseases.

Vegetarianism in this century is becoming an increasingly popular diet is not only due to ethical considerations. Livestock is 14 percent of all emissions responsible for accelerating warming and environmental pollution.

In addition, that the nature and the animals suffer, a billion hungry people worldwide, and three billion are malnourished, while two billion overeat and suffer from obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

As shown by a global study published in the Lancet in April of this year, malnutrition is the cause of every fifth premature death. In detail, in the material the Leader of the Ukraine: one in five will die because of the food.

Oxford scientists obtained results do not allow us to propose some new dietary recommendations, besides the well-known principle: the most good for your health – to eat variously.

Despite long and extensive research statistically significant differences in mortality between vegetarians and meat-eaters could not be found.

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