Media: a Plan for energy independence of the Crimea at an impasse

СМИ: План по энергонезависимости Крыма в тупике

The construction of the Sevastopol thermal power plant

To run power stations in Sevastopol and Simferopol need gas turbines high power.

Russia’s plans for construction in annexed Crimea two power plants is not justified, writes Nezavisimaya Gazeta. According to the newspaper, to run power stations in Sevastopol and Simferopol desired gas turbine high power supply which is, as they say, the Russian authorities “now delayed”.

“Two years after the decision on the project has hit a roadblock because of the sanctions, prohibiting the supply of European and Western technology to the Crimea”, – say sources to Reuters.

The newspaper reminds that the Sevastopol combined cycle thermal power plant is being built in Balaklava district of Sevastopol. First place – combined cycle plant with a capacity of 235 MW – must earn by September 2017. The second unit of the same capacity was planned to start in March 2018.

Near Simferopol Simferopol is under construction combined cycle thermal power plant, its capacity and the timescales match the power and timing of the launch station in Sevastopol.

“However, it is obvious that the plans will not be implemented. Earlier, the Minister of energy Alexander Novak has publicly acknowledged that the launch of the power plant delayed “several months”. Note, in March the Minister has confirmed the possibility of transfer of construction “for several months”, – the newspaper writes.

We will remind, recently in the Kherson region has commissioned a new dam in the North-Crimean channel near the administrative border with Crimea. At the same time, according to Kherson regional state administration, only completed the first phase of construction of the dam – more than 90% of the work.

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