Media: an agent of the FSB recruited Belarusians to the Donbass

СМИ: Агент ФСБ вербует белорусов на Донбасс

Former Russian soldier Nikolai Shelekhov allegedly sends the “Belarusian volunteers” to fight in Eastern Ukraine.

The group Information resistance claims that a former Russian officer Nikolay Shelekhov recruiting Belarusians to send to the Donbass.

According to the group, earlier it was Shelekhov participated in the fighting in the battalion of terrorists Sparta.

It is reported that in the field of security services of Belarus have got a former Russian soldier and the citizen of the Russian Federation Moscow Nikolay Leonidovich, who, using his connections with former colleagues in the service in airborne forces and parts of special purpose Armed forces of Belarus, has been working on their recruitment for participation in hostilities in the East of Ukraine.

Information resistance reports that the Shelekhov uses false Patriotic slogans and sends “Belarusian volunteers” to participate in hostilities in the Donbas.

According to the group, later he blackmails his “volunteers” because they violated the laws of Belarus, “and using intimidation to prosecute forces them to cooperate with the FSB and the implementation of illegal actions on the territory of the Republic of Belarus”.

Earlier it was reported that Russia sent to Europe as refugees natives of Chechnya with false documents to create the agent network abroad.

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