Media called the richest man in history

СМИ назвали богатейшего человека в истории

Capital of the founder and the head of online retailer Amazon has broken the record of bill gates.

The richest man in history, according to the Bloomberg ranking, became the founder of the company Jeff Bezos.

It is noted that by the beginning of 2018 it as made up of 105.1 billion. Thus, he broke the record of Microsoft founder bill gates.

For Bezoom in ranking followed by bill gates (93,3 billion), investor Warren Buffett (87.2 billion), the Creator of Facebook, mark Zuckerberg (77.5 billion) and former CEO of Inditex, Amancio Ortega (76 billion).

On 9 January 2018, one share is 1246 USD, which represents a historical high for the online platform. The entrepreneur owns about 79 million shares of the online store. He also owns a private aerospace Blue Origin Agency and publishing house The Washington Post.

Recall that Bezos was first named the richest man in the world in July 2017, when Forbes magazine estimated his fortune at 90.6 billion. For six months the capital of the businessman increased by almost 15 billion.