Media DNR showed intact “Minister” after the assassination attempt

СМИ ДНР показали невредимого "министра" после покушения

Alexander Timofeev after the assassination

It is alleged that Alexander Timofeev tried to kill Ukrainian subversive group.

Several separatist DNR TV channels on the evening of 23rd September released scenes that show intact, “Minister of income and fees,” Alexander Timofeev, who earlier in the day, according to media reports, was assassinated.

On the separatist Stronghold of channels and the First Republican out stories Timofeev about greenhouses in Donetsk, dated 23 Sep.

They argued that “Minister” tried to kill “subversive group, controlled by Kiev.” Sam Timofeev also commented on the assassination attempt on him and blamed the Ukrainian side.

Earlier it was reported that the interior Ministry of Ukraine confirmed the fact of attempted Timofeev, nicknamed “Tashkent” and associate the incident with the desire of the victim to take the post of head of DND.

The DNR reported that allegedly detained six Ukrainian scouts, responsible for undermining the “Minister of income and charges”.