Media: During the shootout in Poltava died MMA champion

СМИ: При перестрелке в Полтаве погиб чемпион ММА

One of the wounded – Alexander Marchenko

From a gunshot wound killed the champion on the mixed single combats Svyatoslav Pelipenko.

While shooting on the beach in Poltava killed athlete and seriously injured the owner and his son.

The Poltava media figured out how to develop the conflict.

From own sources “Poltava” became known that one of the companies (about 15-20 people) with lunch celebrated birthday on the beach. It was mostly current and former athletes are MMA (mixed martial arts). During the day the company had conflicts with the tenants of the beach – a 45-year-old Alexander Marchenko and his son, 21-year-old Marchenko, who were in the store.

In the evening between one of the athletes and tenants has created yet another conflict. Alexander Marchenko showed him hunting “Saiga”. This information angered the rest of the company of athletes who came to the store with bats and guns. The attackers began to beat Alexander Marchenko. His son – a novel – several times shot at the attackers from a “Saiga”. Shot, he fatally shot 20-year-old MMA fighter Svyatoslav Pelipenko, a member of the club “Branibor Team”, another 24-year-old athlete and 7-year-old boy. The attackers opened fire.

Now Alexander Marchenko with severe injury is in a coma in the Poltava regional hospital. According to preliminary information, injured, and Roman Marchenko, who is now under guard in the hospital.

The police are officially informed about five victims, injuring the father and the son Marchenko, 7-year-old boy, one of the attackers. The fifth victim – Svyatoslav Pelipenko – died on the spot.

СМИ: При перестрелке в Полтаве погиб чемпион ММА

Svyatoslav Pelipenko

According to the police knows that opened three criminal proceedings. One of the attackers detained, now the question on election to it measures of restraint. Another is in the hospital, and at the moment he will be under guard. A range of other persons is determined. Also, while the police says nothing about the car VAZ-2108, which yesterday militiamen searched, and which roughly went athletes.

Pre-judicial investigation proceeds.

Recall that the shootout occurred at one of the beaches of Poltava.