Media: Eight companies of the European Union will suffer from sanctions against Russia

СМИ: Восемь компаний Евросоюза пострадают от санкций против РФ

Any European company associated with the Russian pipelines, will fall under new US sanctions.

US sanctions against Russia may damage the eight projects, involving European companies if the U.S. Congress passes a bill that punishes companies working with Russia in the energy sector, Euractiv writes, citing the European Commission.

The new law would authorize any company, which works not only in development but also to upgrade and support related projects with Russia on the planet, clarifies the issue.

It would fail any European company associated with the Russian pipelines under American law.

So, from us sanctions may hurt Baltic LNG (Schell and Gazprom), Blue stream (Gazprom and Eni), the oil pipeline of the Caspian pipeline consortium (Shell, Eni and Rosneft), and the flow-1 and -2 (European companies and Gazprom), the expansion of Sakhalin-2 (Gazprom and Schell), the Deposit Shah Deniz and South Caucasus pipeline (BP and LUKOIL), field Zhor Field (BP, Eni and Rosneft).

After the vote in the U.S. Congress, the European Commission will discuss Wednesday the situation and its possible reaction.

Earlier it was reported that the EU is making continuous efforts on opposition to the construction of the Russian pipeline Nord stream-2 for the supply of gas to Europe, bypassing Eastern Europe.

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