Media: Google has removed RT from the collection of premium videos on Youtube

СМИ: Google удалил RT из подборки премиальных видео на Youtube

Channels RT excluded from Google YouTube

This decision was taken against the background of the investigation on the case of intervention of Russia in the U.S. presidential election.

Google removed the RT from the Google Preferred service selection of premium Youtube videos that the company sells to advertisers, according to Bloomberg.

According to the Agency, the center of the investigation against Google was YouTube “investigators from the Congress considered the role of the TV channel Russia Today (now RT − ed.) and other networks that US intelligence agencies have identified as close to the Russian government”.

The leadership of the RT checks the information about the deletion channel Google Preferred.

Macron under Putin, called Russia a result of false

Earlier it was reported that Argentine authorities have suspended broadcasting Russia Today on the territory of the country.