Media: Guard Boronenkov − military Ministry of defense

СМИ: Охранник Вороненкова − военный Минобороны

Boronenkov in the guard is in a serious condition in hospital

According to doctors, the security guard of assassinated ex-Deputy is in serious condition after surgery.

Security guard ex-the Deputy of the state Duma was shot in the stomach and lost a lot of blood. The operation lasted four hours, the doctors state that his condition is serious, but controlled.

The name of the guard were not disclosed, but the GPU confirmed that he was indeed assigned to Voronenkov from one of the special services.

Note that the SBU has refuted reports that it was her employee.

According to the channel, the guard was a soldier of one of military units of the capital at the Ministry of defence of Ukraine. This information does not comment.

Recall that Voronenkov was killed in Central Kiev on Thursday, March 23. The security guard of former MP wounded the killer, who later died in hospital. He was also injured and hospitalized.