Media have calculated how much will cost the customs clearance “EuroBLECH”

СМИ подсчитали, сколько будет стоить растаможка "евроблях"

Customs clearance “EuroBLECH” significantly reduced, but the fines will increase significantly

After payment of all taxes and fees customs clearance of the car on avtonomera can cost up to two thousand euros.

Journalists of the program Money calculated how much will cost the customs clearance of cars on foreign registration after the adoption of the law on legalization.

“Under the new law, the cost of customs clearance of cars will be determined by a special formula: the base rate of customs the payment for a vehicle with a gasoline engine is 50 euros, for car diesel – 75 euros; this amount will be multiplied by the volume of the engine divided by a thousand, and the age of the car” – said in the story.

For owners of new cars – this amount is small, it can be from 500 euros to 1000.

“The excise tax on a car calculated by the proposed formula, would be much less today. However, in addition to excise duty, the cost of customs clearance of cars includes three payments: VAT – 20% of the cost, import customs duty – 10% and Pension Fund – 3-5% of the cost. Because of all this, the car goes up almost a thousand euros,” told reporters.

Yesterday, the Verkhovna Rada adopted a new law on the customs clearance of the imported goods in Ukraine of vehicles with foreign registration. The MPs also introduced a new system of fines for overdue “EuroBLECH”.


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