Media have compared the prices of fruits in the Crimea and Kherson

СМИ сравнили цены на фрукты в Крыму и Херсоне

Harvest in the South of Ukraine suffered from the weather, but the prices vary considerably.

In Crimea, the cherries are sold several times more expensive than in Kherson region, reports Crimea.Realities.

According to the Russian authorities, Crimea has lost a fifth part of the harvest from the April frosts. As noted, another part of the crop lost due to hail, which was held in may.

In Nizhnegorsky district, which suffered most from frosts, and the apples were frozen completely, also killed most of the peaches and ceresine. The owners still have to lay off workers.

Local residents also complain about the poor crop of cherries.

Prices on the Crimean shelves of from 100 to 260 roubles per kilo cherry (44-115 hryvnia).

“Oborzeli our sellers. Here (in Crimea – ed.) such crazy prices on everything. I’m in shock. I was in Sochi, where the market is cheaper,” – says one of the buyers.

In Kherson region the storm destroyed half the crop, but early varieties of sweet cherries sold for 25 hryvnia, the newspaper notes. Late varieties are more expensive – up to 75 hryvnia.

According to the newspaper, Kherson region could feed the Crimea their cherry, “but because of the barriers on the admin border farmers found other markets.”

Earlier bloguri showed prices for food in one of supermarkets of Donetsk.


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