Media have compared the prices of meat in the Crimea and the Donbass

СМИ сравнили цены на мясо в Крыму и Донбассе

The most expensive kebab turned out in Crimea.

In Ukraine expensive meat on the background of the holiday season and picnics. This was told by the sellers of meat departments edition of Radio Liberty.

Journalists have compared, where it will be more expensive kebab in the Donbass on the boundary line or the Crimea. They asked local residents to tell us how they are preparing for the picnic.

In Kramatorsk, a shish kebab from pork with tomatoes and Ukrainian wine was estimated at 230 USD.

A resident of Donetsk in the country preferred the chicken wings and Kuban wine – 357 roubles (156 UAH), pork in DND sell for 150 hryvnia.

Crimeans in Simferopol bought pork in the supermarket for 350 rubles and the Crimean Cabernet – total 561 ruble (245 USD).

Earlier bloguri showed prices for food in one of supermarkets of Donetsk.

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