Media: Implementation of the Marshall plan for Ukraine started

СМИ: Реализация плана Маршалла для Украины начата

The authors of the program of assistance to Ukraine announced concrete steps.

A plan for economic aid to Ukraine and Ukrainians moving from political rhetoric to concrete action. In an interview with UKRINFORM said the former Prime Minister of Lithuania, member of Lithuanian Parliament Andrius Kubilius.

“I did not expect that so quickly things will move, we are moving from the General political talk about this plan to reality, then who will develop such projects”,- said the politician.

According to him, the group of Lithuanian and Ukrainian deputies together recently visited Washington, Berlin and Brussels, where he held intensive talks with politicians and representatives of financial institutions.

“In Brussels we have also advanced in this regard that they began to discuss specific organizational issues. For example, who will describe the specific mechanisms of assistance to which the mandate will go to the European Commission and the European investment Bank to at their level to work on this plan, which must declare the European Parliament before the summit of “Eastern partnership” which will take place in November,” – said the former Prime Minister of Lithuania.

He noted that the initiative group is trying to use the experience of Germany in 1947 when the money allocated for the “Marshall plan” focused, in particular, the Bank, KfW (German state Bank, founded in 1948 as part of the “Marshall Plan” – ed.).

“We are talking about that specific financial institution that will receive Finance from the EIB or other financial institutions, could provide the money as loans to small and medium-sized business at much better conditions than those that currently exist in Ukraine,” stated Kubilius.

Kubilius stressed that a “very good preparatory work”, which gives hope for discussion of the plan at the summit of “Eastern partnership” in November in Brussels.

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