Media: In Donetsk exploded “Minister”

СМИ: В Донецке взорвали "министра"

“The Minister” Alexander Timofeev

Alexander Timofeev in critical condition.

This morning in the center of Donetsk on Prospekt Mira, two explosions. According to RIA Novosti, an attempt to “Minister of income and fees” samoprovzglashenny DND Alexander Timofeev.

“There were two explosions, an attempt on the Minister of revenues and duties DND Timofeev. He’s in critical condition,” said a source in law enforcement agencies of the “Republic”.

As reported Корреспондент.netAugust 16, in Donetsk there was an explosion and fire at the state factory of chemical products. Then one person died.

And 2 Feb in Donetsk a powerful explosion in the neighborhood Motel, which shuddered all areas of the city. Then the DNR said about the two dead and dozens wounded.