Media: In Luhansk region, the separatists had taken hostage a woman with a disability

СМИ: На Луганщине сепаратисты взяли в заложники женщину-инвалида

Lyudmila Surzhenko

Lyudmila Surzhenko was last seen July 13.

Separatists self-proclaimed LNR kidnapped on KPVV woman with hearing problems, who were returning from the Village Lugansk in Lugansk. About it writes the local edition of CityNews.

“July 13, Russian terrorists kidnapped returning from the Village Lugansk in Lugansk occupied Lyudmila Surzhenko. According to returning with her from the village of Lugansk people the woman had severe problems with hearing, and she did not like guarding the transition Pro-Russian militants”, – stated in the message.

Relatives Ludmila found out that she was last seen on CVN, but home she came. Passers-by said that she was forced to put all of the bags, took the phone, kept in the hot afternoon sun.

As it turned out the newspaper’s sources, the inhabitant of Lugansk is indeed disabled children with hearing and during PPC she got the batteries in the hearing aid. What exactly was the reason for the detention – is unknown. Perhaps she simply did not hear the demands of the militants.

It is noted that on the following day, my mother Ludmila and made inquiries to the “authorities” LC, but received a refusal to provide information. After one day, the phone stolen was released on bond, but answered on SMS is clearly not the Lyudmila.

“Mom SMS did not come, only on other contacts. When one of the numbers received SMS that it is connected, people began to gain movement, but the call dropped. This is repeated several times, and then the message came “write”. It seems to be normal for a deaf person with a malfunctioning hearing aid. Ludmila’s friends texted that I couldn’t give her more than a day to get through, but communication was rudely interrupted by a TEXT with errors, what Lyudmila is never done”, – stated in the message.

It is emphasized that there is reason to assume that a woman who went missing three days ago, is in trouble. Mother Lyudmila requested assistance in finding his daughter to representatives of international organizations working in Lugansk.

As reported Корреспондент.netin the Donbass more than 400 people were missing. Such CIPR was announced by the first Vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Gerashchenko.