Media: Kiev forbade Poland to look for murdered poles

СМИ: Киев запретил Польше искать убитых поляков

Permission for the search and exhumation work was canceled, I assure the Polish media.

Official Kiev has cancelled the permission to conduct the search and exhumation of the poles, buried in Ukraine. This was reported by Polish radio.

According to media reports, Ukraine withdrew permission after the Polish Gruzovikah in April, was demolished monument to the UPA.

It is reported that this issue was tried to solve in Lviv at the meeting of the Polish delegation headed by the Director of the Bureau of preserving the memory of struggle and martyrdom of INP Adam Sevecom and representatives of the Ukrainian Institute of national memory to restore the permissions. However, the talks ended without result.

As reported Sivek, the Ukrainians have taken the position that “is unacceptable to the Polish side”, not voicing a single Declaration for further cooperation.

He also noted that the restoration of the monument in Gruzovikah impossible, because he was not the burial place of the Ukrainian and glorify the UPA.

The Ukrainian side suggested carrying out Gruzovikah the exhumation, but, as explained Sivak, consent was not given.

Earlier, the MEP said that, for actions against Poland in the Ukraine is Russia.

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