Media: Kiev schoolchildren will be left without Breakfast because of the “advertising revolution”

As writes the online edition of “Vesti”, the loss to the budget of the capital from the hasty introduction of a new concept of advertising in the city of Kiev can reach 150 million UAH. Economists estimate claims to the media that these losses are comparable to the amount of UAH 151.5 million, which was allocated this year to provide meals for schoolchildren.

“Advertising revolution” may deprive Kiev schoolchildren with hot meals and substantially reduce the number of small entrepreneurs, says the publication.

“This conclusion was made by experts, assessing potential consequences of introduction of a new concept of advertising in the city of Kiev, which is actively pushing the Deputy of the mayor of Kiev Alexey Reznikov. The official, as it is known, promises to 70-80% to reduce the amount of advertising in the city of Kiev”, – stated in the material media.

“News” write that today Kiev receives from the operators of outdoor advertising more than 260 million UAH of lease payments for the temporary location of advertising structures. “These payments will suffer in the first place, – experts are convinced. In addition, you will lose not only the local but the national budget in the form of VAT, other taxes and mandatory payments (single social tax, military charge). Income will fall not only business associated with advertising and other types of activities for which outdoor advertising media is the main sales tool for their services and goods. As a result of falling business activity, reduced admission to the municipal and state budgets”, – stated in the material..

Expert Office effective regulation BRDO Vladimir golovatenco noted that “the authors of the proposed changes (a new concept of advertising) don’t bet on problems and regulatory objectives did not calculate their value. According to estimates of the Association of operators of outdoor advertising for small businesses and the direct losses will amount to 1 billion 138 million.A significant portion of these businesses might shut down and stop paying money to the budget.

The newspaper reminds that the experts, citing the experience of Lviv called on the Kyiv city state administration to refrain from drastic steps in relations with local businesses. In particular, Lviv expert on regional development and urban planning Igor Levitsky in recent comments to the media drew attention to the fact that the city administration of Lviv behaves much more careful in relations with business. It’s just too revolutionary methods in regulatory policy Levitsky called the cause of the continuing backlog of Kiev from Lviv to the development of business and improving the investment climate.