Media launch reports about Ukraine’s plans to make Crimea an island

СМИ запустили фейк о планах Украины сделать Крым островом

The Russian media discuss fake news about Crimea

Reporters came up with fake news and began to assemble sarcastic comments on her Russian and Crimean politicians.

Russian publications in the last two days massively misleading about the plans of Ukraine to “make an island of Crimea” is to build a navigable black sea-Azov sea canal through the isthmus of Perekop. Most of them refers to an unnamed “Ukrainian media” without specifying hyperlinks. Some, in particular, publishing news of the Crimea, wrote that “Ukrainian media reported, citing the chief engineer of Ukrhydroproekt Tatiana Lunin”.

“National Institute ukrhydroproekt began the development of the project of construction of a ship canal through the isthmus of Perekop, which has separated the Crimea from Ukraine”, – wrote the edition.

Running the fake, the journalists were taken to map and collect sarcastic comments on him, inviting the Ukrainians, even “to go to Mars because there are very good channels”.

Корреспондент.net asked for comment in ukrhydroproekt, where reported, I don’t know anything about this initiative. In addition, Tatiana Lunina have never worked, said the first Deputy General Director of Ukrhydroproekt Sergey Osadchy.

“Firstly, Tatiana Lunina never in the last 70 years has not worked in the Ukrhydroproekt. Secondly, we object to this have no relationship and about this so-called news just learned from you. In addition, our company not at all involved in the design of the channels. It is engaged in hydropower plants,” – said Osadchiy.

СМИ запустили фейк о планах Украины сделать Крым островом




Note, on the eve of the Lviv edition of the NTA actually wrote that “Ukraine has proposed to connect the channel of the Azov and Black sea”. However, in publication it was only about a new petition on the website of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. Itself the petition was registered on 16 April 2018 and has gathered 98 votes from the required 25 thousand. Previous similar petition by the same author was registered on 29 August 2017, and not received the required consideration of the number of votes.

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