Media: Monchi will leave Seville for Manchester United

СМИ: Мончи покинет Севилью ради МЮ

According to Spanish media, the sports Director of Sevilla Ramon Monchi Nerviosas intends to leave and go to work in the United Mancheter.

According to reports AS Monchi is in a rather strained relationship with the club management and, after 26 years in Seville, wants to leave the team.

It is reported that Monchi has already notified the Board of his decision and soon will announce the reason for leaving the press.

The period of work sortdir in Sevilla is difficult to overestimate. In 2000, the year he took office, before that 10 years sasisa the goal of the Spanish club. Almost all high-profile transfers team oversee Monchi, including transitions of two Ukrainian players – Yevhen Konoplyanka and Mariana Swede.

Sports results in the era Monchi also impressive: just a week ago, Sevilla became the first team in history to which managed to win the Europa League three times in a row. In addition to this success, Nerviosa still twice managed to win the UEFA Cup twice, they won the king’s Cup and once in the Supercopa de Espana and UEFA.

All the same, the Spanish press reports that Ramon Monchi has already received a concrete offer from Manchetser United, which recently came Jose Mourinho.The same news on media: Monchi will leave Seville for Manchester United

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