Media: murder Sheremet involved Volunteers

СМИ: К убийству Шеремета причастны АТОшники

The investigation work out the version of murder of the journalist.

Edition Stranaya the anniversary of the murder of Pavel Sheremet, citing its sources in the investigation have led the main version of the crime.

“The General conclusion is. Customers and the motives of the crime are still not installed, but for artist there is already a significant progress. Their trail leads to the participants of volunteer battalions who fought in the ATO”, – writes the edition.

According to the source Countries in the investigation Department of GUNP in the city of Kiev, in the result of the examination managed with great precision to determine what explosive device was used.

According to police experts – mine was homemade, but factory items. Translated from the professional slang this means that an explosive device to murder Pavel Sheremet was converted from a standard anti-personnel mines.

It is also known that the journalist before his murder was followed by at least two groups.

The first group of killers, a plot to assassinate a journalist. These individuals publicly is still not named, but they appear in several videos released shortly after the murder.

And the likely involvement of murderers Pavel Sheremet to the volunteer battalions of law enforcement agencies worked through carefully.

In 2016 the investigators sought the court’s permission to contact tracing in the villages’ivka and Mongolskogo Urzuf of Donetsk region .

However, whether we are talking about the representatives of the regiment “Azov” – it is not clear, as in 2016, this village was based not only the soldiers of this regiment, but other dobrobatov, including the “Right Sector”.

Sources of the Country the police said that the involvement of killers to dobrobatami already an established fact. But the information that the murderers of the regiment “Azov”, has not been confirmed.

Also a group of assassins Sheremet could be involved in explosion in Mariupol. According to sources “Country” in the Prosecutor’s office and the SBU, the version that the killers who killed Pavel Sheremet, also blasted the Colonel of the SBU Alexander Kharaberyush 31 March 2017 in Mariupol.

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“An explosive device triggered in the “Toyota” Kharaberyush – exactly the same as in the car Sheremet. A investigation Kharaberyush have a copy of the videotape, showing the laying of the mines under his car. Laid a woman clad in a sweatshirt draped over his head with a hood. Her gait is one-to-one with a female killer Sheremet”, – stated in the message.

However, other sources of “Country” in the investigation team say that the clear evidence there is no connection.

“The country” continues to monitor the situation around the investigation of the murder Sheremet. Soon we will prepare article about the main versions for the customers of this crime.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that investigating Sheremet will invite foreign investigator.

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