Media: NATO is preparing a response to cyber attacks

СМИ: НАТО готовит ответ на кибератаку

Experts believe NotPetya violated the sovereignty of Kiev and deserves countermeasures.

According to the Times, the global cyber attack last week was a demonstration of the power of the country and deserves a symmetrical response, warn cybersecurity NATO.

“According to NATO experts, the so-called attack NotPetya, which covered the government’s information technology system in Ukraine on the eve of Constitution Day and was struck by another 64 countries, is a violation of the sovereignty of Kiev and deserves countermeasures, including sabotage. Kiev has accused Russia in the attack,” write the authors, with mark bridge and Sean O’neill.

Thomas Minarik, legal expert of the joint centre of excellence in the field of cyber defense, NATO, said: “Countermeasures may include, for example, cyberspace operations, sabotaging information technology system of the offending state, but they may not be cybersettle”.

According to experts of NATO, but the attack seemed simple, it was too complex and expensive to be the work of independent hackers. They also exclude criminal cybercrime, as though the program was like a virus Petya, most victims it was not possible ransom payment in the amount of $ 300.

Experts believe that the attack likely was in the hands of States or groups of hackers backed by the state and seeking to inflict large-scale damage to Ukraine.

However, NATO experts not lay blame on any one country, but rule out the involvement of North Korea that security accused of executing cyber attacks WannaCry last month.

“Increasingly sophisticated and expensive campaign NotPetya like a statement of power, a demonstration of the newfound destructive power and willingness to use it”, – said the expert of NATO Lori Lindstrom.


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