Media: Okueva buried without a public farewell

СМИ: Окуеву похоронили без публичного прощания

Okueva was buried without public ceremony of farewell

At the funeral without a public farewell allegedly insisted the mother of AquaWay.

Lost in the armed assault veteran anti-terrorist operation and civil activist Amin Okueva buried Tuesday, 31 October, without public ceremony. About it reports the New time.

According to the report, at the funeral without a public farewell insisted the mother of AquaWay.

It also became known that the deceased after the previous attempts made a will in which he indicated where she should be buried.

Recall, Amina Okueva was murdered on October 30 at a railway crossing near the village of glevakha, Kyiv region. Her husband, Adam Osmaev, was wounded. The police introduced the plan of the Siren.

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