Media: Russia is stepping up smuggling of coal from the Donbass

СМИ: Россия наращивает контрабанду угля с Донбасса

Illegally mined coal is sold to Europe

Exported to Europe for a month about 236 000 tonnes of illegal coal.

From Russia in October 2017 exported to European countries about 236 000 tonnes of coal, illegally exported from the occupied districts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. This is evidenced by the Railways and the Federal customs service, reports

As noted, this is 13.5% or about 28 000 tonnes more than in September of this year (about 208 000 t).

In October, 73% of all smuggling, or 172 900 tons, had four Russian companies: Company GAZ-Alyans, petroleum capital, TD Russian Anthracite and anthracite.

Since July a number of major companies (in particular Gas Alliance) are engaged in the export of coal from the occupied areas of Donbass, do not make such deliveries in the Russian customs authorities. In this regard, to track the flow of coal to the Ukrainian authorities uncontrolled border with Russia difficult.

All supply company-exporter, according to the FCS, the number of state Railways-Logitech providing logistics services for the export of contraband of coal.

Russian traders continue to make the most of export supplies of contraband of coal through offshore companies without specifying the country of destination.

The price of smuggled coal in paragraphs throughput of Russian ports/railway station Brest Central – in October ranged from $50 to $100 per ton depending on the grade of anthracite. The same coal at uncontrolled border between Russia and the occupied areas of Donbass was worth from $25 to $60 per ton, according to the FCS.

Recall that through the firm-strip Russia is selling coal to Europe, which is illegally produced in occupied territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions.