Media: SBU in “Borispol” was searched for a catering company, close to Kolomoisky

СМИ: СБУ  в "Борисполе" провела обыск в кейтеринговой компании, близкой к Коломойскому

SBU at the airport “Borispol” was searched for a catering company close to Igor Kolomoisky. This is reported by “Ukrainian news” with reference to “the Depot”.

The security services found that rent at the airport “Borispol” for the structures close to the oligarch, was held with violations, says the publication.

This story began in early 2015, when the state property Fund gave a commercial company, a number of buildings at the airport “Borispol”.

Later this firm transferred the premises under the shop on-Board catering, OOO Skye food services”, which is engaged in the supply of catering to foreign and domestic airlines.

And only after more than a year, police learned that the original competition for transfer spaces at the airport was carried out with violations.

Yes, and further steps to transfer workshops catering to the sublease also is illegal, which is confirmed by the SBU.

All this led to the fact that the state budget receives less than monthly about half a million hryvnia. SBU conducted searches not only at the office of the LLC “sky food servises, but also in the premises of the company “RAPEX-1, which was originally concluded with the state property Fund lease agreement of premises at the airport “Borispol”.

According to the publication, during searches on one of the firms, to carry out the work of the secret services tried to prevent non-faction MPs Alexander Shevchenko and Taras Batenko, as well as the MP from the faction “Vidrodzhennya” Eugene Heller.