Media: Siemens will seek the return of the turbines

СМИ: Siemens будет добиваться возвращения турбин

Siemens has offered his version of events

Imported in circumvention of the sanctions of the turbine must be returned to Russia.

German company Siemens will insist on the return of the four turbines from the Crimea back to Russia. It is reported by the European Pravda, citing Russian media.

In particular, the representative of Siemens Philip ENCs said the repurchase of gas turbines, delivered in annexed Crimea could be the quite simple solution of the conflict.

“Technically it might look like an agreement on the price that one is willing to pay to return the turbine. From this point of view, this is a fairly simple operation,” – said the representative of the company.

The ENCs noted that Siemens “generally does not comment on talks with customers,” but from the beginning the group has publicly declared readiness to redeem is made for power plants in Taman gas turbines.

At the same time in the group as “another option is the return of” turbines considered filed in the Arbitration court of Moscow the claim.

ENCs stated that Siemens would insist on the return of all four delivered in the annexed Crimea units back in the Krasnodar region.

“Obviously, all four turbines moved to the Crimea contrary to the statements of client and contractual obligations. We are talking about point-of-use turbines. It was CHP plant in the Krasnodar region, Taman. All the documents were signed, this guarantee that they will be used. That’s what we want to achieve,” added ENCs.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the EU imposed sanctions against Russia because of the turbines in the Crimea. The Siemens scandal erupted in early July when Reuters reported the German turbines which were originally built for the Taman, but got on the annexed Peninsula.

Because of the turbines, Siemens will lose up to 200 million euros