Media: the Authorities have proposed to raise prices for vodka

СМИ: Власти предложили поднять цены на водку

The minimum price of alcohol can grow again

A bottle of vodka will cost a minimum of 79,55 hryvnia.

The minimum retail price for a half-liter bottle of vodka in Ukraine can be increased from 69,78 to 79,55 hryvnia hryvnia, according to Interfax-Ukraine.

According to the draft resolution, the government proposes to increase the minimum retail prices for vodka and liqueur-vodka products with 348,9 397,76 UAH to UAH/liter of 100% alcohol. Wholesale selling prices for this type of product can be increased by 19.4% to 268,67 UAH/liter of 100% alcohol.

Minimum prices for wine can be increased by 12% – up to 37 UAH per bottle 0.7 l in retail, fortified wine and vermouth by 7% to 45 UAH, champagne per bottle 0.7 l – by 13.3%, to UAH 79,19.

In addition, provides for an increase in the minimum wholesale price of cognac “three stars” with the current 67,2 UAH per 1 liter of 100% alcohol to UAH 386,98, retail – 524,5 UAH to UAH 597,3, “four stars”, respectively, with 352,24 UAH to UAH 412,85 and 549,5 UAH to UAH 645,17, “five stars”, respectively, with 384,29 495,95 UAH to UAH 599,5 and 692,6 UAH to UAH.

As reported Корреспондент.netpreviously alcohol prices in Ukraine increased at the end of 2016. Then vodka and distillery products rose by 27.1-27,86%. The minimum retail price for a bottle of vodka 0.5 liters increased from 54,90 to 69,78 hryvnia.

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