Media: The biggest health code violations found on the shelves and in products “ATB”

Acquisition of food before the New year in supermarkets “economy segment” can have a negative impact on the health of citizens. This is evidenced by the results of a study conducted by the Institute of consumer expertise on the eve of new year holidays. Their results on Monday on a press-conferences was sounded by the Director of the Institute Yuri Chernobrivets, write “Ukrainian news”.

According to him, the experts conducted a study of runoff from surfaces, as well as its own brands most popular products “Christams basket” of four supermarket chains class “discounter” (economy segment). The studies were conducted in “EKO-Market”, “Cocktail”, “handicap” and “ATB-Market” (for 3 supermarkets each network in Kiev and region).

The result revealed violations of storage regulations, and the actual composition of the tested products (control was taken boiled sausage, fish preserves and raw meat). “Samples and swabs were delivered to a certified laboratory, where were carried out microbiological testing on regulatory compliance. Leader on detected deviations and violations of network ATB. Of course, claims can be presented to each store. But the situation in the markets “ATB” is not just bad, but catastrophic,” – said the expert.

He claims violations of the sanitation in the same network “ATB” “surprised” the experts of the Institute because the company only sells packaged goods. It is, in the opinion of Chernobrivets, and suggests that in the preparation of food in the back rooms also violated technological standards.

The expert noted that the supermarket was installed anti-record in terms of the content of E. coli “in raw meat, fish preserve in all areas of washouts”.

“Exceeding of mesophilic aerobic microorganisms was also recorded in all foods, yielding to the expertise, despite the fact that they were Packed! These glaring facts can indicate not only violations of a temperature mode of storage and delivery products, but also about health problems at work (investigated had its own brand of ATB-Market “their Own line”, “Piglet” and “Reasonable choice”). In terms of washouts, there is a careless attitude of employees to the sanitation of the equipment. The impression that security can only feel in a suit higher bacteriological protection”, – said in a press release, the Institute which was distributed to journalists during the event.

According to the Institute, in the products, which were sold in other networks, violations discovered almost was not. “A small increase in the number of mesophilic aerobic microorganisms were detected in the fish preserves, purchased in the network of EKO-Market. Regarding the washouts, the situation is also sad ATB-Market– E. coli was discovered on the shelves with sausage and dairy products, as well as a plastic shopping cart”, – said in the release.

Special surprise to experts was the fact that in some supermarkets, in particular, “ATB”, as well as information reports that the quality of the products is monitored in a special laboratory. “However, judging from the results, we can not guarantee that buying cheap products, the buyers will not pay for their own health,” said Yu. Chernobryvets.

He also announced the holding of another wave of research networks of discount stores after the holidays, it is now in compliance with the shelf life of the items because a lot of people complain about it to expired products in the economy class.

“We have signals that in the shopping economy segment very often ignore the date of the suitability of the product during its implementation”, – summed up Yuriy Chernobrivets.

He added that all materials testing will be submitted to regulatory authorities for necessary action.