Media: the Daughter of the Deputy head of oblojennosti hang out in Lugansk

СМИ: Дочь замглавы облвоенкомата тусила в Луганске

The daughter of a military Commissar visited Lugansk

Also in the social network she posted the photo from Yalta and Sochi.

The Deputy head of the Luhansk oblvoenkomata Oleg Motpan, who is responsible for the mobilization of Ukrainian soldiers in ATO, sent their daughter to rest in the occupied Crimea and the Russian city of Sochi. It is reported by the journalist Denis Kazansky in his blog.

According to Kazan, Motpan even as it conducted military-Patriotic game “Sokil” for students in Severodonetsk.

“My daughter Albina sends it to rest in the occupied Crimea and Sochi. All the time. while the ATO, Albina goes to the party then captured by militants Lugansk, the Crimea, the Caucasus, Rostov. While albino Motpan only 18 years old. So Amateur of her visit does not pull. Without the permission and participation of the parents of her journey to be unlikely to be able. Declaration Mocana is in the public domain. Daughter Albina indicated. We would never know about her travels, if she is not carefully documented her move and not posted the pictures in Instagram”, – the journalist writes.

СМИ: Дочь замглавы облвоенкомата тусила в Луганске


Albina in the Crimea

Kazan also claims that her daughter Severodonetskoe Commissar was there under the name vseveshnii_enot.

“So there’s no doubt that the account belongs to albino Motpan, she takes pictures of their train tickets with the name” – adds the journalist.

СМИ: Дочь замглавы облвоенкомата тусила в Луганске


photo of Albina from Instagram

Kazan Yeshe published a photo of Albina from the night club Michigan in Lugansk, which was made in the fall of 2014.

СМИ: Дочь замглавы облвоенкомата тусила в Луганске

Photo from Lugansk

“Fighters just preparing to take Debaltsevo and Uglegorsk”, – says Kazan.

“And live. Hybrid Commissar of a hybrid war. The father first holds for students of Patriotic competition, and then sends daughter to relax in the country-aggressor. It is surprising that the Commissar is not going through for their child. Because from the official point of view of the Russian Federation – he is the Punisher. This means that Albina in Lugansk could be taken hostage and declared a spy-spotter, as is already happening with young people in your POSTS. And in Russia it can declare a terrorist, also, as has already happened with several Ukrainian citizens”, – the journalist adds.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that Gazmanov with a concert in Lugansk.

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