Media: the Former head of the SSES are restored to service

СМИ: Бывшие главы ГСЧС восстанавливаются на службе

The time of detention officer at the Cabinet meeting

Bochkov and Stecki were detained at a government meeting in March last year.

The former head of the State service for emergency situations Sergei Bochkovsky and his Deputy Vasily Stuecki are in the process of returning to service. As reported by the Country Stecki, now he “runs stages on the road to recovery” in gschs.

The case against Bochkov and Stockogo were suspended last summer, said the lawyer Starkova Anna Litvin.

Other episodes (suspicion of extortion, the charges in purchase of metal detectors at the allegedly inflated price) the materials submitted to the Shevchenko district court of Kiev.

As reported Корреспондент.net, April 1, 2015, the former Vice-Chairman of gschs Stecki posted bail and was released from custody.

In early April Bochkovsky also was released from jail after posting bail in 1.2 million.

Previously, on 25 March of the same year Bochkov and his first Deputy Stecki on suspicion in the organization of schemes for the purchase of fuel from private companies at inflated prices, were detained at the Cabinet meeting. When transferring funds through offshore companies some of them “settled” in personal accounts Bochkov and Stockogo.

After the detention of the Cabinet of Ministers dismissed Bochkov, Starkova, as well as regional heads of departments of the SES.