Media: to name the customer of murder Boronenkov

СМИ: Названо имя заказчика убийства Вороненкова

The media claim that the GPU called the name of the customer

She was, in turn, denies these media.

The Russian newspaper Rosbalt reported to Moscow received the response of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine to the inquiry into the murder of former state Duma Deputy, Denis Boronenkov. The organizers of the crime are called two people.

“The first is Vladimir Tyurin, a former husband of Maria Maksakova, who later married Boronenkov. Second – the owner of a Bank operating in the Crimea. Indicates the date when they allegedly met on the Peninsula to discuss the preparation of the crime. Then there are the information about the close ties of Turin and a banker with the criminal world and the Russian security services. All leads to the fact that these two persons had allegedly organized the murder on behalf of the employees of the security services,” – said the Agency interlocutor.

In turn, the widow Boronenkov – Maksakova said that the GPU did not disclose the Russian law enforcement bodies of the names of the organizers of the murder.

“That’s not true. The GPU did not write and did not answer, nor the Investigative Committee of Russia, nor to anyone else. I said that the person who if it answered the query, then answered it. The information is not true,” said Maksakova.

We will remind, Boronenkov, was killed March 23 near the hotel in the center of Kiev. Unknown opened fire when Boronenkov with the guard was walking on the sidewalk. Both were injured, but the guard was able to use weapons in response and wounded the attacker. Boronenkov died on the spot the killer in the hospital.

The dead killer was a member of ATO, Ukrainian citizen born in 1988 Paul Parsow.

Voronenkov was a witness to the GPU in the case for treason of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych. The consequence considered the version of actions of the Russian Federation as a priority.

In mid-June on the case Boronenkov was detained Yaroslav Tarasenko, a member of UDA (Ukrainian volunteer army) created by Dmitry Yarosh after the departure of Right sector. In early August, the court extended for two months the arrest term Tarasenko.

GPU: the Customer of murder Boronenkov is located in Russian Federation


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