Media: Two Ukrainian nationals have gone missing in Russia

СМИ: Два гражданина Украины пропали без вести в РФ

Missing, Sergey Velev (left) and Alexander Babinets (right)

Returning from Georgia, the travelers at last made contact near Rostov-on-don.

In Russia, near Rostov-on-don, went missing two Ukrainians who were hitchhiking, reports TSN.

Friends and relatives of the missing reported that 25-year-old Alexander Babinets native to the Dnieper and decided to hitchhike to go on vacation to Georgia with a 28-year-old Sergei Valiym, who already had the experience of trekking in Ukraine.

Almost every day the guys got in touch and told me that their welcome in Russia, Kazakhstan and Chechnya.

Roughly 30 September the boys left Georgia and went home by the short route through the Caucasus Kabardino-Balkaria, Stavropol and Krasnodar Krai of Russia. They planned to return to Ukraine through the Kharkiv region, after the Russian Belgorod.

Near Rostov-on-don guys last made contact on 7 October.

Alexander’s mother Elena reported that near the village of Pavlovskaya son dropped her geolocation. The woman went to local police and to the Embassy of Ukraine in Russia.

The investigator who is investigating the matter, said that after receiving the copy of the passport of Alexander from the Department of LCA can be submitted Bubanza in the international search.

Ministry of foreign Affairs In the area of ATO went missing 400 people

Earlier it was reported that during the transition from Australia to Singapore on Board the container ship LIMASSOL ВSL missing sailor from Odessa Andrey Noskov.