Media: Ukraine has signed a Memorandum with IMF

СМИ: Украина подписала меморандум с МВФ

This document includes the updated requirements of the Fund.

Ukraine signed the Memorandum with the IMF to receive $ 1 billion in macroeconomic financial assistance. About it reports Reuters with reference to sources in the Ukrainian national Bank.

As reported, the signing of this document unlock the next tranche of its planned $ 17.5 billion.

In a Memorandum with updated requirements of the Fund.

“The Ukrainian side has signed an updated Memorandum of cooperation”, – said the source.

As reported Корреспондент.netpayment of the IMF tranche was delayed several times and each time, the NBU predicted new timing of the receipt of money.

According to recent reports, the IMF will list Ukraine a billion dollars in March. Thus, the Fund stated that it did not postpone the negotiations with Ukraine on the tranche.

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