Media: Ukraine will lose a billion dollars due to import of fertilizers

СМИ: Украина потеряет миллиард долларов из-за импорта удобрений

Some agricultural associations continue to lobby for Russia’s interests, says Mirror weeks.

Russian chemical lobby continues to gain momentum in Ukraine, threatening a complete shutdown of several Ukrainian chemical enterprises. So, Rivneazot, Cherkassy Azot and Severodonetsk Azot halted its work in the spring and is still unable to resume activities, says Mirror weeks.

“The fight against Russian expansion in the domestic market is not going to be easy – it is not surprising, ally of the Federation of importers of nitrogen fertilizers are some of the agricultural associations in Ukraine”, – is spoken in article.

In this context, the author mentions the Deputy Chairman of the Ukrainian agrarian Rada Mikhail Sokolov, who said the need for zero duties on the import of Russian goods, without which the launch of the Ukrainian production is practically impossible with the existing imbalance gas prices. Ukrainian enterprises are included in the newly formed group Ostchem, from March 2017 not received funding for the purchase of energy.

In the spring of 2017, the economy Ministry has developed the project on renewal of financing of the enterprises public joint-stock company “Agrarian Fund”, which has a state Statute and has sufficient funds. “Agrarian Fund” became the recipient of mineral fertilizers produced by Ostchem, which was planned to send to farmers in the period of autumn sowing. However, to date this project has been suspended. “This plan had to be abandoned,” – explains the head of PJSC “Agrarian Fund” Andrey Radchenko.

As reported by Zerkalo Nedeli, a Ukrainian largest buyers of fertilizers – such as “Rise” and “Eridan”, despite the debt owed to them, expressed their willingness to buy products Ostchem, zakontraktovat major parties at the stage of negotiations to start.

“The important thing now is to restore production and with debts we will understand then. We prefer to deal with the Ukrainian producer,” – said the head of one of the companies-distributors

According to experts, the state budget could lose $ 1 billion in the spring of next year, if the interests of Russian companies will continue to prevail over national interests, the article stated.

Earlier, the Union of chemists predicted that the need to buy mineral fertilizers for needs of the Ukrainian agricultural industry abroad threatens the formation of a negative trade balance and a subsidence rate of the national currency.