Media: Yanukovych gave money to the “Immortal regiment” in Ukraine

СМИ: Янукович давал деньги на "Бессмертный полк" в Украине

It is alleged that the former President was financially supported veterans ‘ organizations to assist in the organization of events.

Events for the victory Day in different cities of Ukraine is financially supported by the ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. This was reported by a number of Ukrainian media.

According to news agencies, Yanukovych has sponsored the stock along with the Council of veterans of Ukraine, Kiev businessman Alexander Melamud and other organizations.

Today in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine held a mass rally on victory Day, which were attended by over half a million people. Almost everywhere may 9 supporters clashed with the radicals.

Earlier, the Interpol has removed the former President from the international search.

18 may in Kiev will be held the first court session on the case of Yanukovych, who prosecutors suspected of treason.

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