Media: Yatsenyuk bought an espresso the day before the Maidan

СМИ: Яценюк купил Эспрессо за день до Майдана

Yatsenyuk bought the TV station the day before the Maidan

Share in OOO “Astra Finance”, which owns the TV channel of espresso, was purchased by Yatsenyuk before the Euromaidan.

The Declaration of ex-Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk in 2016, which he filed after his dismissal, was given the option (pre-contract) purchase of corporate rights in the amount of 3 700 UAH 788 have Knyajichi Larisa Frantsevna. It is reported by the Country.

We are talking about buying shares in the company Astra Finans, which owns the TV channel of espresso.

What corporate law was supposed to purchase under this agreement, Yatsenyuk did not specify. However, his press Secretary Olga Lappo in his Facebook confirmed that we are talking about the purchase of TV channel of espresso.

“Yatsenyuk this year exercised their right of option to purchase corporate rights. The agreement was signed on 15 June 2017. Information about the option was specified in the electronic Declaration for 2016, which Arseniy Yatsenyuk was filled already not being in the position of Prime Minister of Ukraine. In the section “Financial obligations”, he pointed out the preliminary contract (the option) 2013 Knyajichi L. F. and with companies where Knyazhitskaya L. F. is a direct founder on acquisition of corporate rights in the amount of 3 700 UAH 788. For that amount and purchased the share of the channel,” she said.

Date of agreement – November 20, 2013. That is, a contract for the future purchase shares of the TV channel Arseniy Yatsenyuk signed before the start of the Euromaidan. On 21 November, the Maidan began, and on 24 November already aired channel espresso.

In addition, the publication was able to determine who still owns a TV channel.

In the list of the founders of Astra Finans became the wife of the head of the interior Ministry, Inna Avakov. It acquired 40% of the share capital of Astra Finans with a nominal value of 56.8 thousand. The cost of the purchase exceeded $ 5 million.

The wife of MP Mykola Knyazhytsky (popular front faction) Larissa Knyazhitskaya left behind 30% of the Charter Fund of the company Astra Finance.

Thus, the largest share in television (40%) written to the wife of the Minister of internal Affairs. Yatsenyuk and the wife of the MP Knyazhytskyy, each own 30% of the channel. Nikolay knyazhitsky is the head of the parliamentary Committee on culture and spirituality.

In the end, the new owners of Yatsenyuk and Avakov control 70% of the channel.

We will remind, earlier the President Petro Poroshenko awarded a number of politicians, journalists and public figures for assistance in the introduction of visa-free regime with the EU, including former British Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

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