Medieval pogroms. What happened in the Odessa region

Средневековые погромы. Что произошло на Одесщине

The pogroms in Odessa region

In the Odessa region, locals rebelled against the Roma.

In the Odessa region turned the confrontation on ethnic grounds after the representative of the Roma raped and murdered a little girl.

The events occurred in the village Loshchynivka Izmail district.

After the brutal murder of the villagers went to RAID homes of the Roma, demanding to expel them from the village.

Корреспондент.net collected information on the ethnic conflict.

What happened

Missing nine-year-old child on Saturday, about three o’clock in the morning found mother of schoolgirl who came home from work at a local cafe. Thus the stepfather of the baby sleeping peacefully in bed.

Waking the wife, the woman went in search, but to find the girl was nowhere.

Only about 8:00 in the abandoned home of a local resident who drove the cattle to pasture, found the lifeless body of a schoolgirl.

Arrived at the scene, law enforcement officers stated that the child was killed with special cruelty: on the body of a little girl count five penetrating wounds, presumably left by the screwdriver.

“The child struck the heart and lung. In addition, the initial examination of the body experts found that there had been a rape, but this fact would confirm or refute the examination”, — explained in a press-service GU NP in the Odessa region.

The suspect

On suspicion in murder detained the 20-year-old Michael, a representative of the Roma nationality. It turned out, the day before he drank with his stepfather girls in cafés with her mother.

Presumably the killer took the sleeping baby when her stepfather fell asleep, but the details of law enforcement officers are not voiced. Guy delivered in Izmail police Department. As told Deputy head of the communications division of national police of Odessa Anastasiya Yakubenko, after arrest, the suspect began to confess, but later said he refused. If its fault will prove, to it threatens from 10 to 15 years in prison or life imprisonment.


Local residents staged a real revolt against Roma.

People say that 10 families of the Roma settled in the village about three years ago. According to local residents, Roma were regularly engaged in looting, intimidating the locals.

A few hours an angry crowd smashed the home of the Gypsies. Six houses demolished walls, broken Windows and smashed furniture. Roma themselves fled before the arrival of the local.


The leadership of Izmail regional state administration decided to support the residents of the village Loshchynivka in the matter of eviction of the Roma.

“They will be given the opportunity peacefully to collect their things and leave the village. We have agreed to maintain law and order,” – said the Chairman of regional state administration Valentina Stoykova.

She also stated that district leadership was aware that “these Gypsies will not stop, they will settle in the Izmail district” and because “they also agreed that they will give us a list of contact persons with whom we can speak about compliance with them in the future of the order and compliance with the rules of the hostel.

Without law enforcement

The head of the district said that Loshchynivka is strengthened law enforcement. In particular, she said, a Sheriff’s house, that is, assigned a specific law enforcement, strengthened the national squad.

“3 the village, a district, which, of course, is unable to provide adequate law and order,” said Stoykov.

Law and order during the eviction of the Roma needs to maintain large police forces.

Hotbed of criminals?

The Governor of Odessa region Mikhail Saakashvili also commented on the situation in the village Loshchynivka.

According to him, the Gypsies in the village was a drug dealer.

“I fully share the indignation of all the inhabitants of Loshchynivka. I sent the head of the police Department. There really is a brothel, there is a massive drug trade, which engaged in these antisocial elements”, – Saakashvili said.

Roma complain

The head of the Coalition of Roma NGOs of Ukraine Volodymyr Kondur sent to the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov and the Commissioner of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Valeria Lutkovska appeal in connection with the situation in the village Loshchynivka.

“Villagers Loshchynivka as a result of their illegal action was defeated and broken houses inhabited by Roma families, and Roma themselves were forced to flee from the village” – referred to in the treatment of the Roma.

Condor said that his people are insulted in Facebook that “adversely affects the image of the Roma population and an affront to human dignity.”

“The inaction of the authorities and the police in the Izmail region has led to a situation that forms a negative assessment on the part of Ukrainian companies, leading to racial and ethnic hatred and is contrary to the declared intentions of development of legal state,” – he stressed.