Medvedchuk about the new EU quotas: a pathetic pittance

Медведчук о новых квотах ЕС: Это жалкая подачка

Viktor Medvedchuk

The change of the vector of foreign economic integration, and the signing of the FTA was an adventurous experiment, says Medvedchuk.

New quotas for duty-free supplies of Ukrainian agricultural products in the EU has been so meager that they can be called a pathetic handout. So says the leader of the public movement Ukrainian choice – the Right of the people Viktor Medvedchuk.

He noted that in the framework of free trade with the EU Ukraine since the introduction of the FTA with the EU have faced a number of severe restrictions, it was repeatedly stated by local producers, and eventually — the deputies and officials.

“In June, Parliament adopted an appeal to the European Parliament with the appeal to introduce additional trade preferences for Ukrainian goods. During the annual YES forum of trade representative of Ukraine Nataliya Mykolska once again reminded of the “strategic partners”: “the Current agreement on free trade should be reviewed. The agreement was prepared long ago and is already out of date”. And added that under the agreement, quotas satisfy the requirements of economy of Ukraine and the EU”, – stated the leader of the Ukrainian choice – the Right people.

And, despite the fact that the EU has provided Ukraine with October 1 of the new quotas, they are so tiny, said Medvedchuk, were “evidence of economic and political support from the EU, and… pathetic SOP”.

“Wheat – only 65 thousand tons (instead of the expected 100 thousand tons) tomatoes – 3 tons (was 5 tons). In General, the revised quotas only 8 commodity positions,” – said the politician.

Trade representative of Ukraine, said Medvedchuk, has said that the new quotas will have a huge effect on the Ukrainian economy.

“Now we have to wait evrointegratory the courage to just honestly admit that the change of the vector of foreign economic integration, and the signing of the FTA was an adventurous experiment – experiment on a country’s economy, which has resulted in billions of losses for Ukraine”, – summed up Viktor Medvedchuk.

As reported Корреспондент.neton October 1 came into force on EU trade preferences for Kiev. We are talking about the next expansion of the quota for export of separate types of agricultural and industrial products from Ukraine. The new preference is for three years.