Medvedchuk began to plead with the people’s Deputy Leshchenko

Медведчук начал судиться с нардепом Лещенко

In the organization of Medvedchuk said that the court had accepted their claims against the deputies.

The Pechersky regional court of Kiev made the claims of Viktor Medvedchuk to the people’s Deputy of Ukraine Serhiy Leshchenko. On Tuesday, October 24, the press-service of public movement “the Ukrainian wywar the right people.”

“The Pechersky district court of Kiev made the claims of Viktor Medvedchuk to the people’s Deputy of Ukraine Serhiy Leshchenko for the last spread false information about the involvement of Victor Medvedchuk to implement “the scheme of Stripping the market of liquefied gas,” about the alleged collusion with representatives of the SBU and the President of Ukraine, which, according to Leshchenko, led to an increase in market prices of LPG in Ukraine, and also about making a profit from this price increase with the mediation allegedly controlled by Medvedchuk Swiss company Proton Energy Group SA”, – stated in the message.

Napomnim, from late July to 28 August, the price of LPG for vehicles in large networks of filling stations increased by an average of 5 hryvnia and crossed the mark of 16.5 UAH per liter. Periodically, the gas has disappeared from sale in many retail networks.

In late August, the people’s Deputy Leshchenko said that due to the pressure of the security Service of Ukraine for traders of liquefied natural gas in late 2016 – early 2017 has been the monopolization of the market of liquefied gas company Viktor Medvedchuk Proton Energy.

In turn, in Proton Energy Group S. A. the main cause of the crisis and rising prices of liquefied gas in Ukraine called the lack of resource suppliers and producers.


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