Medvedchuk called the main financial document of the country “the budget of destruction”

Core budget of the country was adopted with the violation of almost all of the procedural rules, aiming to fulfill the requirements of the IMF. This writes the leader of “the Ukrainian choice” Viktor Medvedchuk.

“As a result of the state budget, according to which Ukrainians will have to live for the next year ― to pay taxes, receive salaries, pensions, scholarships, etc., is most similar to “notes on the margins” (how can you not remember the incorruptible a miniature of Vladimir Vinokur: “Then play, then do not play, there is a grease stain, the fish wrapped…”),” — said Medvedchuk.

According to Medvedchuk, budget 2017 “absolutely unrealistic and unbalanced”, and its “authors” did not explain where will the money to increase minimum wage to RS 3200.

Because the budget bill did not meet a whole list of legislative standards, the politician said that MPs had to hurry to make changes to the Budget code. In the end, even elected officials remained in the dark for what they voted.

What does Medvedchuk, the government shifted “on the shoulders of local communities is a huge part of the budget for the funding of schools and vocational schools (except wages), sanatoria for children and for patients with tuberculosis.” “Compensation for preferential transportation and communication services now lie too much of a burden on local budgets. As the content of kindergartens, institutions of culture, as the cost of utilities for health facilities in the regions,” he explained.

According to the politician, in making this provision, the government violated article 142 of the Constitution of Ukraine, according to which “…the state is involved in the formation of revenues of budgets of local self-government, financially supports local self-government. Expenses of local authorities incurred as a result of decisions of public authorities, kompensiruet state.”

“Can be summarized as: “budgeted” held in the worst traditions laid down in the government of Yatsenyuk. The full, weighted estimates for the country, of course, never received. Actually, the “development budget” Ukraine is not seen for the past 12 years, since coming to power “orange” team. But if in recent years the government has provided to the citizens “budget of eating away”, then the current night was passed without exaggeration “the budget of destruction”, — concluded the leader of “Ukrainian choice”.