Medvedchuk commented on anti-Russian US sanctions

Медведчук прокомментировал антироссийские санкции США

Viktor Medvedchuk

The United States seeks global hegemony, said the leader of the Ukrainian choice.

Anti-Russian sanctions the United States is not unprecedented support for Kiev, but an attempt to satisfy the geopolitical ambitions of America. So the leader of the public movement “the Ukrainian choice – the Right of the people” Viktor Medvedchuk.

“A bill to impose anti-Russian sanctions that affect the interests of European companies, caused a negative reaction of the EU and became a bone of contention between Brussels and Washington. European energy companies prior to the adoption by the House of representatives of the United States decision to impose sanctions called them “unacceptable.” However, Washington (traditionally) have not listened to the opinion of the EU”, – he stressed.

Medvedchuk also noted that there was an argument for Washington and the reaction of the European Commission, which declared its readiness to adequately respond to the actions of the United States.

“Support 419 votes the draft law “combating the enemies of America through sanctions”, as well as the statement of the representative of the Senate Committee on foreign relations Bob Corker on that in the Senate “come to an agreement that will allow… to put a bill on the President’s Desk”, is a vivid evidence that the U.S. intends to seek world hegemony”, – said Medvedchuk.

Recall that the senators and congressmen approved a bill toughening sanctions against Russia. The white house and the President of the United States Donald trump also talked about his support.

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