Medvedchuk commented on the proposal to gradually lift sanctions against Russia

Медведчук прокомментировал предложение постепенно снимать санкции с РФ

Viktor Medvedchuk

Medvedchuk called the position of Sigmar Gabriel more than constructive.

The proposal of the foreign Ministry of Germany about the need for gradual removal of sanctions against the Russian Federation allows a different angle to look at relations not only Germany and Russia but also the EU and Ukraine, the US and the EU. So the leader of the public movement “the Ukrainian choice – the Right of the people” Victor Medvedchuk.

In his opinion, the position of the head of the German foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel more than constructive.

“He’s not trying to blame someone for the failure of Minsk, and offers to find a compromise solution. In particular, offers of Russia to influence the Ukrainian separatists and U.S. – Ukraine, as Washington has a strong influence on Kiev. In making this statement, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany recognizes the fact that for a peaceful settlement of the conflict must be political will from all parties”, – said Medvedchuk.

At the same time, he noted, the relationship between Kiev-Moscow-Brussels Gabriel tries to evaluate through the prism of the economy. And if you take note of this assessment, there are two natural questions.

“First: why Ukraine, realizing the economic consequences of the rupture of trade and economic relations with Russia and knowing the position of Germany (as strategic partner) on this issue, still went for such a radical step? And one wonders whether the Ukrainian government on ways out of the conflict and the return to trade and economic cooperation with Russia?” summed up Medvedchuk.

We will note, earlier the Secretary of state Rex Tillerson said that sanctions against Russia should be maintained as long as Moscow does not fulfill the Minsk agreements in full.

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