Medvedchuk commented on the situation RIA Novosti

Медведчук прокомментировал ситуацию с РИА Новости

Viktor Medvedchuk

Medvedchuk commented on the scandalous events by restricting freedom of speech in Ukraine and the polar response in Ukraine and abroad.

Over the past four years the democracy in the Ukraine, nurtured under the watchful eyes of Western curators, undergoes an amazing metamorphosis. So the leader of the public movement of the Ukrainian choice – the Right of the people Viktor Medvedchuk commented on the searches in RIA Novosti Ukraine.

“Reaction to the arrest of the head of RIA Novosti Ukraine Kirill Vyshinsky and the searches in the editorial office and the apartments of employees of the Agency was followed almost immediately, and not only from Russia, but “strategic partners” in Kiev – the US and the EU,” he said.

Special attention is paid Medvedchuk in interview to the 5th channel of the Chairman of the national Council on television and radio broadcasting Yuri Artemenko.

“Answering the question of whether in the framework of the Ukrainian legislation to influence the editorial policy of TV channels, Artemenko (apparently, he did not understand what is in the air) began to resent that “warning, it’s TV channels to… to one place” (direct quote), besides “the warning, they immediately appealed to the courts.” Further – more. Live Artemenko all over the country complained that because of public pressure and Europe the authorities can not simply close the channel: “You know, in a high rise… as Europe will scream that shut down the opposition.” (again, direct quote). And after that announced leading a secret how to deal with dissidents just not renew the channel’s license. Another method of struggle to expand the system of fines. According to the official, “this practice is very well proved in the Ukrainian quota”. “To pay. Whine and cry, but paid,” he said”, – noticed the leader of the Ukrainian choice.

According to the politician, over the last four years the democracy in the Ukraine, nurtured under the watchful eyes of Western curators, undergoes an amazing metamorphosis.

“I think reading the news on “democratic” Ukraine, the Europeans are beginning to see clearly: in all of these scandals appears the team that they have recently called conductors democratic reforms and which is so actively supported. Now, when the mask dropped, a majority of Ukrainian euroreparatie, most likely, will not even shake hands in a civilized society”, – says Medvedchuk.

We will remind, in Russia the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in connection with detention in Kiev the head of the RIA Novosti-Ukraine Kirill Vyshinsky opened a criminal case of obstruction of activities of journalists and about attraction obviously innocent to criminal responsibility.


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