Medvedchuk: Corruption in Ukraine has reached unprecedented proportions

Медведчук: Коррупция в Украине достигла невиданных масштабов

Viktor Medvedchuk

Ukraine is still perceived as the most corrupt country in Europe, says the leader of the Ukrainian choice.

Three years later, a strengthened fight against corruption in Ukraine, it is not only thriving, but has reached unprecedented before scales. About this in his blog writes the leader of the Ukrainian choice – the Right of the people Viktor Medvedchuk.

He recalled that on the eve of the international day of fight against corruption the European court of auditors published a report on Ukraine, focusing on the fight against corruption.

“Despite efforts to reform, Ukraine is still perceived as the most corrupt country in Europe… Oligarchic clans continue to exert a dominant influence on the economy, politics and mass media of Ukraine – the verdict of the European experts was actually a sentence of the Ukrainian reformers,” – said the politician.

In his opinion, is a Paradise for investors Ukraine has become a Paradise for corrupt officials. “In the ranking of countries in terms of perception of corruption our country is on 130-m a place, on the same line with Nicaragua, and Paraguay.

“And no reports-reports of the Ukrainian reformers will not be convinced to the contrary”, – said Medvedchuk.

A society living on poverty wages and pensions, the politician believes, shocked made public declarations of officials and MPs — millions in cash, the Church, relics of saints, mansions, and luxury items.

Earlier, the international monetary Fund said that, despite some progress in creating institutions to combat corruption, the visible results in the condemnation of high-ranking corrupt officials and the recovery of proceeds no.