Medvedchuk has sharply criticized the law on privatization

Медведчук резко раскритиковал закон о приватизации

Viktor Medvedchuk

MPs used the law on de-occupation of Donbass as a cover for making anti-Ukrainian law on privatization, he said.

18 January 2018 will go down in history of Ukrainian parliamentarism as “black Thursday” – the laws adopted by the Verkhovna Rada at the behest of the United States, directly contrary to the interests of the Ukrainian state. Wrote about this in his blog, leader of the public movement Ukrainian choice – the Right of the people Viktor Medvedchuk.

“In less than three hours after an epic vote for the bill “On peculiarities of state policy on ensuring state sovereignty of Ukraine on the temporarily occupied territories in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions,” as Parliament by 266 votes supported another bill – “On state property privatization”. Such unanimity of deputies (not a single vote for anti-national law, triggering the “privatization of the century”, not only gave the Opposition bloc”) is extremely rare for a divided ideological confrontation and the business interests of the Parliament, “European standard”, – noticed the Medvedchuk.

According to him, the fact that members in unison voted for the de-occupation first, and then for privatisation, leaves no doubt that both of these laws were adopted at the behest of “Washington regional Committee”, and in strict accordance with the interests of the international usurers.

“In conditions of total corruption, politically motivated justice and monopolization of the economy “privatization of the century” is guaranteed to turn into a massive sale of state property. Sale wholesale, besides for a song. Obviously, the government announced the privatization will take place in extremely unfavorable conditions, in a non-transparent rules, in the interests of deliberately established and well-known beneficiaries – the Western capital, as well as close to the power of the oligarchs and financial-industrial groups,” – said the leader of Ukrainian choice.

Medvedchuk also drew attention to a legislative ban to participate in privatization of Russian companies or companies with Russian capital while the Russian Federation is one of the main investors of the Ukrainian economy.

“Euroreparatie tried to forget the sad experience of adopting similar provisions with respect to TCU, which actually determined its fate, turning the Ukrainian gas pipeline was said to Boris Nemtsov, “the phallic symbol of independence,” – said the politician.

Given the raw material orientation of economic development of Ukraine as a result of this megaprimatus our country risks losing a significant portion of their production capacity, warns Viktor Medvedchuk.

“According to the list of objects, approved by order of the state property Fund of Ukraine No. 1839, 2018, subject to the sale of the largest enterprises of the country, including Odessa port plant, Turboatom and Sumykhimprom. I think no one doubt: in the current environment megaprovince not only not in the national interests of Ukraine, but also poses a threat to national security” – summed up the politician.

As reported Корреспондент.netearlier, Viktor Medvedchuk said that the Ukrainian economic miracle really. The leader of the Ukrainian choice told how to achieve economic growth and to stop the total impoverishment of Ukrainians.