Medvedchuk: Instead of the rates utilities ― excess profits “Naftogaz”

The leader of the Public movement “the Ukrainian choice – the Right of the people” Viktor Medvedchuk believes that the profits of the NJSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine” became the result of the unprecedented growth of utility tariffs in the country. About this politician wrote in his blog.

As you know, in January – September 2016 “Naftogaz” increased its net profit to UAH 25.5 billion. “The results of 9 months of 2016, “Naftogaz” has received net profit in the amount of 25.5 billion UAH, which does not take into account the cost of accrual of provision for doubtful debts in the amount of 1.7 billion UAH”, ― informs the press-service of the company. Thus at the end of the reporting period, the net income of the NAC from product sales increased 28.9 per cent to 95.6 billion UAH, gross profit ― by 2.5 times, to UAH 33.7 billion.

“The government by overstating the exorbitant utility tariffs, in fact, turned into beggars the greater part of Ukrainian families to the state (!) the company “Naftogaz” of enormous profits? In connection with such government policy raises two questions:

– what is the priority of the state policy in Ukraine and whether the state is still social, as established in the Constitution?

– where, in fact, go anywhere funds, “accumulated”, “Naftogaz” by robbing Ukrainians through the “tariff-subsidiary” scheme?” — outraged Medvedchuk.

The politician also cited analysts who have studied the statements of NAC for the first half of 2016: “Instead of government bonds, which before the budget “support pants”, “Naftogaz of Ukraine”, now write the so-called protocols on the calculated amount of subsidies. These protocols turn in a circle: the budget ― consumers gas ― natural gas supplier (gas companies) ― “Naftogaz” budget. Money as such… this scheme does not provide for”.

“Money “provides for” other scheme ― the scheme is prohibitively high amounts in the payment amounts satisfying neither the volume nor the quality presented for payment “services”. A huge amount of heating when barely warm the batteries in apartments the most part of Ukrainian families ― a direct confirmation” — concludes Medvedchuk.