Medvedchuk: Kiev must at all costs to free the Ukrainians from captivity LDNR

Медведчук: Киев должен любой ценой освободить украинцев из плена ЛДНР

Medvedchuk says that he believes in the implementation of the Minsk agreements

Political ambitions should not interfere with the exchange of prisoners, the leader of the Ukrainian choice.

Kiev must at all costs to free the Ukrainians from captivity, LDNR, and this should not interfere with political ambitions. Such opinion in interview to one of Russian publications was expressed by the leader of the public movement Ukrainian choice – the Right of the people” Viktor Medvedchuk. He also called the release of the DND two Ukrainian prisoners of war act of good faith.

Speaking about the situation with the exchange in the past year, Medvedchuk described it as difficult, but at the same time reminded that managed to release 24 people who were in non-government controlled areas of Donbas, as well as 3 citizens of Ukraine, who was convicted on the territory of the Russian Federation. In turn, the Ukrainian side gave 36 people.

Currently, according to the policy, the Ukrainian side continues to find 106 people, of which determined the exact location of 55 held. DNR representatives wanted in Ukraine 494 people, the LC – 458.

“On the territory of Ukraine of these individuals the location 616 of the detainees”, – said Medvedchuk.

As for the future of the Minsk agreement, in his opinion, they will be implemented, because in the Ukrainian society there is a huge request for peace.

Recall that the DNR had proposed a prisoner exchange with Ukraine on the formula “690 47”.

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