Medvedchuk: No preferences from the imaginary rapprochement with the EU, Ukraine has not received

According to the leader of the Public movement “the Ukrainian choice – the Right of the people”, Viktor Medvedchuk, Ukraine has not received preferences from the imaginary rapprochement with the EU. About this politician wrote in his blog.

“The subservience of Kiev to Brussels reached its climax. Not had time to subside passion “bezveze for roundwood”, “victorious” result of the summit Ukraine ― the EU as a public outraged by a new initiative “Patriotic” government: Deputy Minister of justice in European integration Sergei Petukhov offered Ukraine to take the quota of the Netherlands for the resettlement of Syrian refugees”, — said Medvedchuk.

The politician is sure that “raspiarennaya power” Ukraine’s integration into Europe ― not more than fiction.

“The European Union does not undertake any financial obligations, assistance is provided purely formal and technical (exchange of information and experience, consultations, methodological assistance). And if Brussels and allocate loans, as we have already had the opportunity to see, to pay for them, Kiev has an exorbitant price, sacrificing national interests”, — says Medvedchuk.

He stressed that the Association Agreement does not guarantee that Ukraine even in the long term will become a full member of the European Union.

“However, “the Ukrainian choice” warned about this back in 2013. We cited the example of several countries that signed the Association Agreement, did not even hope, albeit in the indefinite future, become an EU member”, — said the politician.

The leader of “Ukrainian choice” believes that any preferential treatment from the imaginary rapprochement with the EU, our country has not received.

“African social standards, African standards of living, political and economic instability ― today as evrointegriruyuscheysya Ukraine”, — concluded the Medvedchuk.