Medvedchuk: Political ambitions and populism should not interfere with the exchange of prisoners

The leader of the public movement “the Ukrainian choice — the Right of the people” Viktor Medvedchuk stressed that no political ambitions, nor the various populist statements should not hinder the process of exchange of prisoners. About this politician said in an interview with “TASS”.

“Only a positive attitude to the unilateral release of two women: Angelica Presniakovas and Olga, Svorak previously held in ORDO and the astronomical clock. See it as a step of good will. I believe that everyone who can help the liberation of our citizens, should do it”, — Medvedchuk declared.

According to the leader of “the Ukrainian choice” to speed up the process of liberation, the parties “just have to find the one denominator that will allow us to carry out the exchanges.”

“The search for opportunities and ways to are in constant negotiation mode with Russian leadership and representatives of the ORDO and the astronomical clock. I am sure that the Ukrainian side must at all costs to liberate our citizens, and this should not interfere with political ambitions and a loud populist statements, especially those irrelevant to the negotiations. The freedom of these people is not a reason for bargaining and the establishment of any “exchange rate”, — said the leader of “Ukrainian choice”.

Speaking about the situation with the exchange in the past year, Medvedchuk described it as difficult, but at the same time reminded that managed to release 24 people who were in non-government controlled areas of Donbas, as well as 3 citizens of Ukraine, who was convicted on the territory of the Russian Federation. In turn, the Ukrainian side gave 36 people.

“I believe that the release of 63 people who were able to return home to their families, is a significant result that can and should be improved. Moreover, the grounds for this” — said the politician.

Currently, according to the policy, the Ukrainian side continues to find 106 people, of which determined the exact location of 55 held. Representatives “DNR” wanted in Ukraine 494 people, “LPR” — 458.

“On the territory of Ukraine of these individuals the location 616 of the detainees”, — said Medvedchuk.