Medvedchuk: Russia is the largest investor in the Ukrainian economy

Медведчук: РФ - крупнейший инвестор украинской экономики

Viktor Medvedchuk

The leader of the public movement of the Ukrainian choice-the Right of people commented on the government’s plans to break the economic cooperation with Russia.

The leader of the public movement of the Ukrainian choice-the Right of the people Viktor Medvedchuk believes the Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman on the government’s willingness to break the program of economic cooperation with Russia “the new reform ideotizm”.

Medvedchuk believes that the Ukrainian Prime Minister fails to mention that economic and trade cooperation with Russia and Russian investment remains a critical factor in the growth of the domestic economy, and by the end of 2017, Russia has been among the largest investors of Ukraine.

In his opinion, incorrectness of the Western vector of foreign economic integration, evidenced by his inability to stabilize the Ukrainian economy and ensure a strong position on promising markets.

“For Ukraine, which had traditionally focused on the markets of the CIS countries and, in particular, the Russian market, partnership, economically mutually beneficial and equal relations with Russia (and they were exactly whatever said Groisman) was the key to the growth of the economy, inflow of investments, development of industrial sector of economy. So today there is only one way out of severe economic crisis, the restoration of cooperation with Russia. Unfortunately, the government, or does not understand this (because of their rhinepromenade), or deliberately destroys the economy of the country, its potential, its future,” said Medvedchuk.

We will remind, in January of 2018 the turnover of foreign trade between Russia and Ukraine amounted to 946,8 million dollars.