Medvedchuk says the “unprecedented” pressure on “Ukrainian choice”

The leader of the Public movement “Ukrainian choice” Viktor Medvedchuk said the unprecedented political and forceful pressure imposed “Ukrainian choice”.

“Today Social movement “the Ukrainian choice” has been under unprecedented political and forceful pressure from radical nationalist forces and their representatives in government. And this is the offense of “Natchitoches” the shares Movement in the number of cities of Ukraine, and the creation of parliamentary associations, which as their main task the political persecution of me and of the “Ukrainian choice” and the decision of Pechersky regional court of Kiev about the beginning of the pre-trial investigation against me on trumped up charges” — said in a policy statement.

Despite all these actions, representatives of the “party of war” fail, I’m sure Medvedchuk.

“They do not intimidate me nor participants of the Movement “Ukrainian choice”. We have our principled and consistent position, which we maintain for many years. And it was formed long before the events on Maidan. We are ready to prove that our proposed strategy out of the crisis is correct, justified and logical in the conditions of Ukraine”, — said the leader of “Ukrainian choice”.

He also believes that to save the economy of Ukraine to change foreign policy course of the country and its economic policies.

“Since the outbreak of the conflict in the Donbass we have advocated a peaceful resolution. We continue to do this today… According to the Minsk agreements Ukraine, among others, have made commitments to address policy issues that will become a solid Foundation for peace. It comes to election law and the holding of democratic elections in the Donbass, the law on the special status of these regions, the law on Amnesty and amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine. It is the presence of a detailed plan aimed at restoring the unity and sovereignty of Ukraine, is the principal cause of persecution of our Movement”, — summarized V. Medvedchuk.